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Superfast Broadband for Kingston
East Sussex Superfast Rural Broadband Project November 2015

Superfast Broadband is now available in Kingston. Here are some headline notes:

For those who are happy with their current speed (typically about 2Mbps), there is no need to take any action or to change your contract.

If you would like to take advantage of the improved service (22Mb and up) you do need to take action. The faster speeds will not arrive without the new service being activated. So it is a good time to reassess and upgrade your current supply contract(s).

For those who need more information about the benefits of a faster service and a listing of possible service providers, please see for an overview. Or you can simply contact your existing provider.

Local professional advice and help is available, if you wish, from - Rhys Haden. Rhys is also an agent for Utility Warehouse.

Some older equipment (which may mean only 5 years or so!!) will not allow the top speeds, so either tailor your contract to lesser speeds or consider upgrading your contracts when you next upgrade your equipment.

Generally, the cost of a new contract for faster broadband is similar to (but possibly slightly greater than) your current contract, but there are usually some set-up costs for new equipment (around �50.00?) - or the set-up is inclusive within a more costly contract.

Consider whether any cancellation charges apply if you change provider mid-contract period.

Some residents have lowered their contract cost by reviewing the requirements within their existing set-up.

Others have amalgamated contracts with separate providers into one to include, say, line charge, mobile phones, broadband and sport and / or entertainment factors or whatever suits you.

It is possible that some homes are not yet able to receive the new speeds - maybe on the Kingston Road. If you have any feed-back about this [or any other Broadband matters], please let Tim Lear - Email: know. Our District Councillor, Vic Ient will follow up matters of poor reception related to service availability.

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