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One of the biggest concerns at present for some villages is vehicles speeding through villages and large vehicles driving through the villages, causing disruption to traffic flow where there are restrictions (i.e. – 7.5 tonnes or width restrictions unless for access to locations within a village.)

Unfortunately as most of you are aware, trying to enforce and prevent large vehicles driving through the village merely as a short cut is very difficult, however Sussex police recently started an initiative called Operation Crackdown which may be helpful with this issue.

PC Vitler is undertaking speed checks with a hand held speed gun throughout the Parishes in our area, in addition, if you are aware of a persistently bad or speeding driver in your area the Op below could help.

Operation Crackdown is a multi-agency facility with two key aims:

1. Reducing the amount of time vehicles remain abandoned (saving significant costs in the process.)

2. Targeting persistent bad drivers before they cause an accident.

If you see someone driving badly, (this includes any motor vehicle), pull over safely at the side of the road or ask a passenger to write down details.

Note the vehicle’s make, model, colour and number plate (which will help with police enquiries.)

When noting the location, use house numbers and road names to pinpoint where the incident happened or where you spotted a potential abandoned vehicle.

Write a brief description of what you witnessed, while it is still fresh in your mind.

If it’s an abandoned vehicle, if possible take a digital picture of it.

When you get to work or home, visit the Operation Crackdown website to record your information. It only takes a few minutes! or contact 0845 60 70 99 and ask to be put through to the Op Crackdown team.

Your information will be analysed and appropriate action will be taken, if necessary, by Sussex Police.


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